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What are they?

So a couple of years ago, gardening to me was confusing and very short lived. Most plants had a life span of a month before they packed it in and left me wondering, what I had done wrong. But since becoming a stay at home Mum I have discovered three things... kokedamas, pinterest and hardy plants!

Kokedamas are a Japanese planting technique - cousin to the bonsai. The stringing/binding of the plant is to restrict the growth, which in Japan would than be transplanted to a bonsai. Here at A Dash of Green, we have taken a modern approach and create kokedamas in a way that mimics a pot plant.

Most people find it hard to know when to water their plants... too much and they can get root rot, not enough and they shrivel up; this is where kokedamas come in, you can see and feel exactly when to water the plant by simply touching the moss. If its crispy, then its time to fill up the bucket submerge the base (moss), for a couple of minutes and ta da the plant is on track to surviving another day!  Even touchy plants like ferns are great in a kokedama. Just simply make sure the moss is always moist, if it accidently gets crispy, simply submerge the base of the kokedama and leave to soak for half an hour. Simple!! To order your kokedama click here

About A Dash of Green...

A Dash of Green is a small one man show kind of business run by me... Jody. I am a Mum of two and love to create botanical art as way to bring in a little income, but primarily be a stay at home Mum.

I am based in Tamworth, NSW and deliver kokedamas, planters and other creations around Tamworth. Sorry to anyone outside of Tamworth, it is quite hard to post plants. I also do corporate gift kokedamas.

Whilst creating botanical art at home is fun, I also love to teach others how to create kokedamas. I try to run a monthly workshop and can also host private workshops at homes (min 6pax).

I also run an annual Fairy jar workshop with Tamworth Shoppingworld, which will be happening again in the July School Holidays. There will be DIY fairy jars available for purchase soon.

If you have any questions or queries please use the contacts page and I will speak to you soon.

Thank you all for supporting a small family business!

Had your kokedama a while?

It might be time to re-string....

How to care for your Kokedama...

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