Top 10 house plants…

Indoor plants are an excellent way to purify the air inside your home. Plants promote oxygen and even absorb some of the electronic frequencies that surround our everyday lives.

I try to have some of the top air purifying plants available for purchase at all times.

Personally the Pathos (devils Ivy) vines are my favourite, they have luscious green leaves that drape down and as a bonus, are a very hardy indoor plant!!  They also love being bound in a kokedama.  Everyone should also have a snake plant/Mother inlaws tongue in their bedroom, as they are known to purify the air at night, boosting the oxygen levels in the room as we sleep.

Here are the top 10 indoor plants according to NASA

1. Aloe (Available)

2. Peace lily (available)

3. Pathos Vine/Devils Ivy (available)

4. Bamboo Palm

5. Spider plant (available)

6. Rubber Plant

7. Snake plant/Mother inlaws tongue (available)

8. English Ivy (available)

9. Dracaena

10. Chinese Evergreen

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